OPCON consultancy & training
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Welcome to 

We appreciate your interest in our business. We´re looking forward to showing you the three pillars that form the foundation of OPCON: consultancy, apprenticeship and training.

OPERATIONAL CONTROL enables you to organize and utilize your authority to ascertain a succesful business at the operational Level. Therefore it is the perfect business foundation for your company, authority or organization. 

YOU know your strategic business targets and your high-level business priorities,

WE care for the operational control.

On the following pages, you will be able to browse through some of the services we can provide. Just in case you do not find what you´re looking for, please fell free to contact us via email or phone. We are more than happy to customize a course to meet your needs.

Are you on a lookout for a new partner considering security, consulting or training? We would like to share our international network in case you´re looking for help to make sure your clients will be supported professionally.