OPCON consultancy & training
in ganz Deutschland

About us

With more than ten years of experience in the german army special mission unit (KSK), an extensive proficiency with international military SOF (Tier1&2) as well as police counter-terror units, federal police, german intelligence service and also a following education in the upper grade national police service, the decision to establish this company was made. That’s why OPCON knows the needs of its clients and feels mentally connected with law enforcement service members all around the world.

-The color of the uniform does not matter for us-

Through the establishment of qualitative relationships worldwide, OPCON has profited from an extensive network. OPCON’s instructors and subject specialists, derive exclusively or have direct experience from the special operations field. OPCON stands for quick comprehension, conflict resolution competence, German discipline, and a very flexible but job-oriented environment which operates under high stress. Inside the masses we stand out, however if necessary we can operate very covertly.

Are you searching for new education challenges in regards to tactical and medical sectors or shooting techniques? It does not matter if you belong to a governmental agency or a private business. We can provide scenarios and training that will further enhance your abilities! From individual tactical training to first aid situations, configurational practical training, observation, personal protection services, leadership training programs, and counter-terrorism; we deliver prefabricated or custom made concepts.

You or your employees could be in danger by real-time or regular criminal threats? We will show you how to react appropriately, dependent on the situation in order to save your life and if necessary how to protect valuable objects. We will teach conversational de-escalation skills and self-defense or at least how to react mentally stable in dangerous situations.

Would you like to offer your colleagues specific lectures in the domain of pre-hospital trauma life support? Group or individual classes are available with us. Would you like to secure your personal, professional periphery or even just assess it to make sure that it is safe enough? Gladly, we will analyze your previous security measurements and develop an optimized concept, if necessary, for the safety of your family, co-workers and your business.

We do not rest on our success, we continuously strive to ameliorate and upgrade our capabilities in order to deliver the best possible achievements. Discretion is very imperial for us. For references please contact for special request.