OPCON consultancy & training
in ganz Deutschland


OPCON offers diverse education models for public officials in regards to various deployment scenarios, organizations, clubs, private individuals and companies who are specialized in security related duties.

  • Seminars for pistol and rifle shooting (individual tailored levels based on educational background; specifically, for huntsman and sport shooters, professional weapons carrier, law enforcement and military special mission units)
  • Tactical casualty management according to military TCCC and civilians PHTLS, upon your request including specific deployment scenarios based off your needs
  • Custom-made first aid responders workshop for huntsman
  • Unconventional observation of objects, protected personnel and possible perpetrators
  • Personal protection scenarios
  • In correlation to police specific circumstances a tactical approach against military trained criminals (counter terror training as well as counter insurgency)
  • Rotory wing operations for police pilots  to provide air support for ground forces (Track and control displaced suspects, pick-up procedures, command and control)

  • Professional development of K9 Units (combined on site training) 
  • Customized behavioral models in extreme situations, catastrophic incidents and for deployments in crisis regions for organizations, clubs and governmental authorities
  • Employee training to implement appropriated behavior to avert daily hazards your company might be confronted with.

“Every custom-made suit is only as good as the person wearing it!”

Every apprenticeship is planned professionally, you will be informed continuously about your progress, and furthermore we include you for support. We incorporate your previous experiences (if applicable) and combine it with our long-standing expertise to guarantee you the best possible success.

The combination of theory and comprehensive practical training strengthens necessary skills in order to be prepared for situations that were previously perceived as overwhelmingly.