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“There is no 100% safety- however, our philosophy is to break the 99% mark"

Our unique product is SECURITY. Security through crisis management, active protection measures, emergency recovery procedures, apprenticeship and continuous development for your colleagues, and additionally direct communication with the responsible authorities. Whether governmental authorities, corporations, clubs or private individuals, security and safety can always be augmented. We analyze your security and safety measures and constitute a profile based on your foundation. Consequently, we will inform and educate you about special topics and adapt our models towards your desires.

  • Safety and threat analyses for travels into crisis zones or exquisite holiday destinations. How is the current security situation on site? What do you have to expect? What can preemptively be thought of in order to execute the fastest possible reaction?
  • We consult accordingly in regards to infrastructural circumstances and determine your actual value and the desired nominal value in order to preventatively or if obligatory repressively, protect your family and business.
  • Definition of threat levels and security measures.
  • How safe do you feel within your personal periphery? Is there any possibility to enhance security for your private and business environment?
  • How secure is your company?
  • Do you need professional support in correlation to bigger projects such as high risk management? Our employees and partners entail military and police background. Most of the background originates from special forces experience.
  • An international network allows us to obtain current information, material and personnel if needed.
  • Our medical education entails not only tactical first aid responses, but also contributory work from experienced physicians with specialized skills which can be adapted to any scenario possible.


We gladly present you offers to professionally educate your colleagues. Moreover, we offer you a custom-made solution plan, specifically geared towards your institution. Through international expertise within the police and military special forces sector, we are able to deliver the utmost qualitative consultation possible. It is our duty to continue education and development seminars in order to always be one step ahead.


Because: gridlock means regression!

RiskMap 2018

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