OPCON consultancy & training
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“Four eyes see more than two… sometimes ONE is sufficient enough”


Reconnaissance, surveillance and its affiliated acquisition of information consolidate current or upcoming situations.

The deployment of UAV/ drones is a tremendous asset for every scout team, every apprenticeship and for every protection of materials, objects and personnel. The safety from an aerial view offers supplementary possibilities for information flow, therefore optimizing security and safety.

Through the deployment of aerial measures (pictures/ videos/ livestream), threats can be calculated in advance and can be dealt with or eliminated during a current scenario. Would you like to enhance your security measures with drones? Customized for your requirements, we allocate you the hardware in form of a drone and its operator.

Do you require professional drone training? We will gladly connect you with one of our experienced partners. We will happily answer your questions in regards to drone deployments (legal questions, deployment perimeters, and border circumferences).