OPCON consultancy & training
in ganz Deutschland


“Caution is necessary to whom trains one punch a thousand times. Not the one, who trained
one thousand different punches only once.” 


 … one of the oldest principles - a reliability which increases more now than ever. Therefore, we offer training focused around your requirements. You know your weaknesses and strengths the most. However, we will gladly evaluate you and provide feedback about relevant starting points in order to develop your skillsets.

Through a great network of qualified instructors and trainers for the various different deployment scenarios, we are able to offer you a well-functioning evaluation structure, which includes additional observers, such as physicians, deployment instructors, and subject specialists. This enables you to obtain a second opinion, thus we can concentrate on your needs and wishes.


OPCON also offers situational awareness training where you can develop your strengths and eliminate weaknesses. In Germany we do not shy away from telling our clients the truth. Errors that become apparent will be addressed right away and eliminated accordingly.

-Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6-


Modern and circumstantial unconventional training strategies allow us to help you. Are you searching for methodological professional development for your colleagues and supervisors? We will gratefully develop you a concept including lectures and specific training elements, which will enable your Team to benefit from the professional collaboration. Through our experience of proven military management strategies and modern police leadership methods, we are able to develop a customized concept that will improve your business from within.


We extract specific benefits from various leadership styles and adapt those that are applicable for you and your sector.