OPCON consultancy & training
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Training for professional dog handler and dog owner

1) First Aid K9

Here we look at canine anatomy and pathology. Injury pattern, pathology, anamnesis, body check, treatment methods... 1/3 theory --> 2/3 practice. Individual layer training according to the areas of application of the respective dogs/dog handlers.

This beautiful VIEO is brought to you by ePIG GROUP. Have a look at the impressions of a First Aid K9 course


First Responder K9: 

4-day course on veterinary medicine for dogs, short layer training, methodology and didactics, final exams. On this course, the participants get qualified as multipliers in order to be able to carry out one-day first aid training courses by themselves in their units.

2) Teambuilding K9

Our focus is on trust and interaction between dog and dog-handler, the WE feeling! We work with different environmental influences, height and depth, common experiences in unfamiliar situations (darkness, narrow spaces). We go into obedience, communication and lots of fun. 

3) Guard duty/biting work:

Here we work exclusively with authorities and companies that have been proven to use dogs as a means of averting danger. No dog sport work! For police and military we create tactical situations here. In the case of police situations, dogs from security companies can be brought in by arrangement. Tactical action in a squad or with a patrol partner is also exclusively for the police and military. 

4) Scent detection:

Here we are certified to work with smell test equipment in the field of explosives. Structure of the training sensing & browsing can of course also range from dog toy to people. 

5) Operational training:

Since many authorities lack the training intensity in everyday life, we offer our training center and our trained eye here. Processing of many short positions up to more complex scenarios with combined processes for dog and dog handler, also in association with other dog teams. Short and crisp debriefings and directly a new situation. 

In all of our training, we take special care not to overwhelm the dogs. We always create a pick-up point first and then approach each team individually. Before a workshop, each participant receives a pre-evaluation so that we can get a clear picture in advance and create groups of inclinations or even better work out individual deficits. 

Only the dog handlers are taken harder with us. When the dogs have a break, the dog handlers learn from others by watching and helping